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Sustainability innovation score

Building a 100+ year old company necessitates innovation across 4 different levels: product innovation, process innovation, human resource innovation, and governance innovation.

Do you Push or Pull people to your vision?

Conveying your vision to the team is always conducted in two levels. The Objective Communication Level and The Subjective Communication Level.

Value-Based Pricing

Stop selling your time. Start delivering and pricing Value.
Here is a breakdown of a 1000 Euros bill received from a top craftsman.

Make the numbers talk

Providing valuable insights as a business strategy consultant is all about “making the numbers talk”. There is usually a story hidden behind the figures.

The Power of Small Wins

You don’t need more capital. You certainly don’t need more time. You need a “small wins” strategy and action.

Monitor the quality of your thoughts and take action

Monitor the quality of your thoughts and take action.
Your competitors are as frightened as you are. And yet what sets some of them apart is their capacity for action. Action is movement and movement is progress.

The importance of data analysis

In business, a company uses data analytics in conjunction with its commercial instincts to navigate its way through challenges. Making fine adjustments using objective metrics to attain a business goal.

How can data be used to resolve conflicts in business strategy?

Strategic power is data analaysis intelligence. In an increasingly dynamic business environment strategic power manifests as the capacity of an entity to capture, process and interpret big data in order to reach quick decisions.

Strategies for Breaking Psychological Barriers in the Workplace

Resistance to change usually arises from fear of the unknown and a perception that the psychological contract of the employee changes.

How can you differentiate between operational risk and credit risk?

Use a Probability x Impact assessment model to identify and evaluate the significance of each operational risks across four different areas : people, processes, systems and external events.

Multidisciplinary skills

Multidisciplinary skills-set across technical, digital and professional matters enabling versatility and adaptability to a changing environment.

Key Question for Initiative and Growth

Discover the transformative power of self-reflection with Constantinos Kounnis’s pivotal question: “What would you do if I was not here?”

5 Steps to Mastering Delegation and Building Trust in Your Organization

Explore a 5-step process to enhance trust and delegation within your organization, covering training, responsibility sharing, progress monitoring, mistake tolerance, and individual coaching.

Master the topic of your interest in a simple and quick way

Development for a professional with a full time schedule can be accelerated using a “spaced method” of learning.
Pick any topic of personal or professional interest and study this through short and frequent study intervals of approximately 20-30min. over a horizon of 3-4 months.

Shifting from Selling Time to Creating Value

If you are struggling with pricing in professional advisory services you may try shifting your perspective from Selling Time to Creating Value.
Value Before Time.
If you cannot see the value you produce most likely your clients can’t see this either.

How can positive psychology improve your business strategy evaluation?

Monitor the quality of your thoughts and take action.
Your competitors are as frightened as you are. And yet what sets some of them apart is their capacity for action. Action is movement and movement is progress.

Stand Out in Business Strategy Interviews

1. Introduce your self in less than 1 min and connect with your audience.
2. Be prepared to provide real examples-stories to demonstrate problem solving, communication, leadership, and teamwork skills.

How to connect the dots?

If your approach to a business problem is not yielding results it means that you are trying to address the situation from the same consciousness it initially created the problem. This won’t work.

The top 10 reccomendations to spark employee motivation and generate a results driven culture:

1. Delegate responsibility instead of delegating tasks
2. Show the bigger picture and explain the “why?”
3. Listen actively and become genuinely interested in their development.

The top 3 things to consider when transitioning to a business strategy career

Develop a deep and practical understanding of the industry and the competitive environment.
Understand how value may be created throughout the value chain and be in a position to identify cost and value drivers.

Time is your most precious resource as a leader

Practise the art of filtering the meaningful and value adding engagements from unproductive and tedious requests, calls and meetings using a mental sieve!

The role of a leader in creating a successful business strategy

A leader lights the torch in a path of uncertainty and turbulance. This relies on a leader’s ability to demonstrate Intuition, Optimism, Resilience:
1. The successful business strategy is usually driven by the leader’s Intuition which effectively means clear vision and a quiet mind in order to detect opportunities amidst challenges.

Things to consider first when developing a business strategy

When developing a strategy try and reflect on the following questions –
1. Suitability – does the strategy close the gap between where the organization stands and where the organization wants to go? Does it really meet the long term strategic objectives of the business?

The most important budget considerations for managing project deadlines

What cannot be measured cannot be controlled! Invest in an effective information system that enables your team to track time and cost across project tasks. Regularly review the project status in order to identify inefficiencies, gaps in the delivery chain or cost overruns which can be consciously absorbed or potentially recharged to the client.

Gemini 4R’s model as a strategy for driving transformational change in complex environments

A powerful tool to manage complex transformational change is to use the Gemini 4R’s model:
Reframe, Restructure, Revitalize, Renewal.

Establish trust quickly with your new strategic partner

A great tool to conceptualize and practically cultivate trust with a new partner is the Trust Equation.
The trust equation has 3 numerators and 1 denominator: Trust = [ Credibility x Reliability x Intimacy ] / Self-Orientation

Identify the right corporate and business level strategies

In evaluating and adjusting strategies it is important that a company has implemented appropriate information systems in order to collect and analyze data.

Select the business strategy consultant that is suitable for your company

Here is what you need to look out for if you are hiring a business strategy consultant:
Commercial awareness and industry experience: they need to be able to walk the talk.Understand your specific business model and market dynamics
Emotional intelligence and awareness : able to listen and manage people throughout the change process

The best tools for developing innovative Business Strategy ideas

Use the Blue Ocean Strategy framework to redefine the industry borders and creare uncontested market space where competiton is irrevant. Break the cost-value trade off by offering a top quality product or service which capitalizes on technology to make this accessible and affordable.

Manage your product portfolio using the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) matrix

BCG Matrix offers a simple visual tool to classify products according to their market growth and relative market size. Going through a process of categorizing products into Question Marks, Stars, Cash Cows, and Dogs helps an entity.

5 key things that Business Strategy professionals should follow to stay up to date with industry trends

Staying up to date with industry trends and current developments involves:
Reading books and journals
Becoming part of a community of strategic thinkers
Taking the time to attend niche courses on selected insustry topics

Develop your resilience for remote work

Resilience is developed by:
Practising gratitute on a daily basis. Becoming a gratitude practitioner! The “fuel” for our daily motion and creative process is gratitude. This allows a person to positively embrace any situation and rise beyond adversity.


LEWIN’S ICEBERG CHANGE MODEL effectively describes the strategic steps an organization must take in order to manage change effectively.

The common challenges when entering a new market

Believing that a product or service will be successful “because you love it” or “because there is a need for it” without taking practical steps to research the market is a common pitfall amongst young entrepreneurs.

The most common mistakes in creating a road map

To avoid this mistake meditate and use visualisation in order to clearly picture the desirable outcome (your scope) by paying attention to details, colours and emotions.

Unlocking Success: The Power of Trust-Centric Business Strategies

Your business strategy model shifts to an entirely new level when you do realize that you are primarily selling “Trust” as opposed to a product or a service.