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Custom Seminars

What is Custom seminar?

Kounnis Academy’s customized seminars are personalized training solutions, designed specifically for the needs of your business. In contrast to open seminars, customized seminars offer a comprehensive experience that precisely meets your strategic goals. Working with experienced and highly qualified instructors across the country, we offer customizations to every aspect of the program, ensuring maximum impact on your organization. Contact us to create a customised programme that fully meets your needs.

Our Goal

At Kounnis Academy, our goal is to empower and optimize organizations through innovative learning methodologies that are carefully designed for different organizational levels.

In collaboration with experienced and highly qualified instructors from all over Cyprus, Kounnis Academy provides customized training solutions that are closely aligned with your strategies.

Each customised seminar revolves around the needs of your business, outlining a path to achieving your organisational goals.

Get your customized seminar

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